Why You Can’t Beat The Greek Summer!

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There is just something different about the summers in Greece that makes them so irresistible. Anyone who’s ever been on a Greek island in the summer – and the Greek summers last long – can attest to the simple fact that you simply can’t beat the Greek summer! But why is that? What makes this season at these destinations to stand out? Let’s find out why you can’t beat the Greek Summer!

We all know that the summertime in the Greek isles begins early and lasts till late in October. It is most common for the temperature to rise to the mid-20s C as early as the end of March, and the temperature stay moderate till October, even early November at times! In the summer months, temperatures reach as high as 40˚C, perfect for endless sunbathing and swimming in the sea!

The sea is another of the things that describe the summers of Greece; endless miles of crystal clear waters and sandy beaches lie in the endless coasts of the Greek islands. You can find beaches for every taste, sandy, rocky, pebbled, deep or shallow, organized or natural, popular or secluded. No matter what the beach of your dreams looks like, you are certain to find it in Greece! Swimming or just lounging at the seaside, casually sunbathing or partying till late at night, there is a beach for everything!

In addition, the Greek summers are accompanied by a sensation of total freedom, of carefree bliss and jovial summery frolics. The perfect weather and the even prettier surroundings create an atmosphere that feels just like heaven! Here, you are welcome to try the tastes of summer, the magnificent Greek delights, as well as the indulging feeling of traveling in a faraway land, away from every care in the world.

The Greek summer is the equivalent of heaven, the vacation of your life; book your summer holiday in Kos and the sublime Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort now, and see for yourself why you can’t beat the Greek summer!