Why Choose Kos Island for Summer 2017

Thinking about where to spend your summer 2017 holiday? There are so many destinations, so many things to consider, and so many luxurious facilities to choose from. So why choose Kos Island for summer 2017?

The answer is simple; Kos is magnificent! This island combines everything you are looking for a perfect holiday experience, a summery adventure of the Greek isles that leaves nothing to the imagination. Here, luxurious accommodation meets the endless beauty of the Aegean Sea, the rich history of the Greek region and the carefreeness that accompanies a relaxing vacation in a gorgeous place.

Start from the beaches; Kos Island is surrounded by miles and miles of sandy beaches and crystalline waters. The sea, the sun and the sands come together in a fascinating blend so beautiful and inviting that makes them simply irresistible. Add to the mix amazing water sports facilities, beach bars, restaurants and every modern convenience you can think of and you get the beaches of Kos, beaches you’ll love so much you’ll wish the days lasted longer – and you’ll be so happy you chose Kos Island for your summer 2017 holiday!
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Then comes the culture; scattered all around Kos Island you will find evidence of its rich history in ancient towns, temples such as the Asklipeion and churches, in Roman mansions like Casa Romana and other sites, such as the Odeon and the medieval castles of Neratzia, Palio Pyli and Antimacheia. Combined with the serenity of the nature of Kos, these sites make your holiday all the more interesting.

Do you need more reasons why choose Kos Island for summer 2017? How about the perfect, warm and sunny weather? Summers in Kos last from late April to early October, and temperatures are almost daily in the higher thirties. As for luxurious, adult-only accommodation, there is one choice that surpasses all others; the superlative seaside five star Diamond Deluxe Resort, on the cosmopolitan beach of Lambi where elegant rooms and suites together with exquisite facilities offer upgraded standards of holidays. Choose Kos Island for your summer 2017 holiday! For more visit