The Unspoiled Corners of Kos Island

Away from the busy summer crowds that you may encounter in the summer in the town of Kos and around some of its most popular locales, lie some parts of the island that have not been affected by the influx of tourism; Explore them all and pick your favorite one of the unspoiled corners of Kos.

Starting from the Cavo Paradiso beach, this is a place both magical and enchanting, almost like a beach popped up where it doesn’t belong. On the southern tip of Kos, a little further from the village of Kefalos, a thin stretch of silky sands lays hidden under the rocky hills. Savage and gorgeous at the same time, Cavo Paradiso has just a handful of sun beds and umbrellas and no other influence to spoil its natural beauty.

The Dragon Tower of Kos, or as it is also known the “Ogress Tower” is a small, cube shaped tower on the side of the Profitis Ilias on the eastern side of Kos. Close to the monastery of Profitis Ilias, on a rocky hill slope with gorgeous panoramic views to the sea this sturdy construction was probably a defense point for the monastery, but the myth of the ogress that was said to dwell it is truly charming; ask a local for the fairy tale!
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The village of Pyli, situated almost in the middle of the island, amidst a verdant forest of olive trees has remained unspoiled, withholding all its old-timers beauty and natural charm. The village is full of traditional homes, water springs and ancient monuments, whereas overlooking the village is the medieval castle-city of Palio Pyli, ruined and seemingly forgotten.

Last, but not least, another unspoiled corner of Kos Island worth visiting is the forest of Plaka, on Dikaios Mt. A natural spot filled with wildlife and natural charm that has remained truly unaffected by modern day.

In these unspoiled corners of Kos you will get in touch with the true essence of the island, its soul, and you will get to feel an integral part of this glorious place. For more information on the unspoiled corners of Kos Island or anything else you wish to explore, please don’t hesitate to address the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel concierge, who would be happy to assist you.