Kos for Beginners – All You Need To Know!

If you have never been to Kos Island before, or if you are looking for the perfect Greek island destination for your summer 2017 holiday, then you need to check out Kos! Here is all you need to know, or if you prefer, Kos for beginners!

Situated on the southeastern end of the Aegean Sea, close to the island of Rhodes and the coast of Turkey, Kos Island is easily accessible by flights from Athens, Rhodes and a large number of European cities, whereas you can also reach it by ferry from the port of Piraeus or almost all the major islands of the Aegean.
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The moderate climate of Kos, with long and hot summers is a guarantee for a relaxed summer holiday in the sun, where you will find endless miles of golden sandy beaches with every modern amenity and exhilarating water sports facilities for memorable days sunbathing and splashing in refreshingly cool, crystal clear waters!

Moreover, the island of Kos has much to offer to the inquisitive traveler; a rich history that dates back to the ancient times, with countless archaeological findings that make sightseeing almost seem like an adventure through time; medieval monuments of the crusaders; a beautiful natural side to explore and a vivid social scene, with inviting restaurants, cafes, bars and beach bars for every taste! Kos is a perfect destination for beginners, who wish to try out everything the Greek isles have to offer and pick the parts they love the most. Kos is perfect for you!

But that is not all you need to know about Kos; where you will stay is just as important! There is an abundance of accommodation choices, but if you are interested in superb, luxurious, adult-only accommodation that offers exquisite services, then the five star Diamond Deluxe Hotel and Spa is by far an ideal option! Check it out, along with more interesting pieces of information on Kos Island at