Behind the Scenes – the Daily Kitchen Prep at the Peruzzi Seafood Restaurant

Running a restaurant seems easy at a glance – but it takes skill and hard discipline to create a successful restaurant routine, the procedure that starts hours before service and ends as the last cleaner turns off the lights for the night. The head chef of the Peruzzi Seafood Restaurant of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel gives us a sneak peek behind the scenes – this is what happens at the daily kitchen prep of the Peruzzi.

Starting at the crack of dawn, the head chef handpicks the main ingredients for his dishes; seafood and freshly caught fish found at the Central Fish Market of Kos Island, by selected local fishermen. His expert eye knows what fresh fish looks like, and nothing but the best makes the cut. After all, the finest dishes are only as good as their ingredients, and seafood leaves no room for cutting corners. Fresh fish from the Aegean Sea are a treat fit for kings, and this is exactly what you will be getting at the exquisite Peruzzi Seafood Restaurant of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort.
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As the fish is delivered, the team of chefs begins their daily prep at the kitchen of the Peruzzi; selecting fresh, local vegetables, thoroughly washing them and prepping them to perfection; fresh produce from carefully selected local and organic farms is the essence of the Diamond Deluxe cuisine. Organic, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from the Diamond Deluxe’s private grove is another ingredient the chefs take great pride in – after all, the signature product of Greece is its superb olive oil.

Then comes inspiration; modern techniques, innovative cooking methods and great respect to tradition and the principles of the Mediterranean diet mix together in an ingenious way, to create the dishes of the Peruzzi Seafood Restaurant of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort. The delicious experience of fine dining in this sublime restaurant can only be surpassed by the breath-taking scenery, the sensation of utter indulgence and hedonism; the Peruzzi experience is simply magical, and all you have to do is try it! Make your reservation now at