The Top 5 Beaches of Kos – Pick your Favorite

Picking your favorite beach of Kos may seem a little hard – after all, Kos Island’s coastline is comprised by an endless stretch of sandy beaches, one more beautiful than the other. As difficult as it may seem to find a favorite among so many stunning choices, we have narrowed it down to our top 5 beaches of Kos, so that you can try to pick your favorite!

Starting from the hands down most popular beach on the island, Lambi beach, where the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel is located; this long sandy beach is the true epitome of cosmopolitan island-living. Everything you could ever dream of for the perfect beach Lambi has it! Modern facilities, beach bars and restaurants, water sports, fine golden sands and the clearest waters; what more could you ask for?

Our second pick is undoubtedly Agios Stefanos beach, near Kefalos. This beach is the island’s most photographed location, both due to its picture-perfect cove with a tiny islet situated in its center, but also for the iconic ancient basilicas’ ruins, and an atmosphere of total balance between land and sea; Agios Stefanos is a beach you will fall in love with!
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In third place comes Therma beach; technically not a beach but a small inlet in a rocky cliff, from where natural thermal waters spring. These warm waters, full of precious nutrients, form a thermal pool right where the sea touches the rock, an amazing spot of Kos that many love for its savage beauty and its healing properties. Visit it for an all-natural beach spa day!

Mastichari beach is the most exotic beach on the island; white silky sands, turquoise waters and gorgeous views to the island of Kalymnos. At Mastichari you will feel like a true islander, enjoying the quaint village, the delightful promenade and the traditional fish restaurants, all the while swimming in one of the most perfect beaches Kos has to offer!

Last, but not least, Chelona beach is certain to charm your heart and make it to your list of favorites! A small, secluded beach known to few, and a gathering spot for sea turtles, Chelona beach is simply lovely for a refreshing swim and a day full of wonders under the sun!

Those were the top 5 beaches of Kos Island to pick your favorite, as for the best accommodation on Kos Island, the Diamond Deluxe Resort, and explore all your island favorites!