Arrive in Kos in a Really Luxurious Way!

When selecting a truly luxurious establishment for your summer holidays, there are a few things to be taken into account. Style, elegance, meticulous details, top quality elements and above all, comfort. After all, in the words of Coco Chanel, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”.

In Kos Island, a beautiful destination in the Aegean Sea, Greece, there is one establishment that epitomizes luxury and style in the most comfortable way; the five star Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel is perhaps one of the most exquisite hotels not only in Kos, but in the entire country, and its objective is to offer its guests the most precious commodity, luxurious comfort.

To that goal, every aspect of traveling and vacationing has been rethought, and impeccable services have been created for an experience unlike all others. Your holidays in Kos Island can be the most relaxing – and indulging affair from the minute of your departure to the very end of your vacation! You can now arrive to Kos Island in a truly luxurious way, and that is none other than traveling to Kos in the Kos Diamond Deluxe Lear Jet.
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To fit to the needs of the modern day traveler, the sublime Kos Diamond Deluxe has ensured that traveling in privacy and utter luxury is truly simple. You can arrange to travel privately in the comfort of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Lear Jet, thus arriving hassle-free to the island of Kos for your unforgettable holiday in luxury, comfort and style.

Upon arrival, a luxurious private transfer to the Kos Diamond Deluxe will promptly bring you to the hotel, and, if you so wish, you can also arrange private transfers, guided tours and even private cruises throughout your stay. The Diamond Deluxe Lear Jet is at your disposal at all times for take-outs and deliveries, outdoor dining, corporate events or business travel. Contact the Diamond Deluxe concierge for arrangements.