Sightseeing in Kos – All about the Neratzia Castle in Kos

The Castle of Kos Town, also known as Neratzia Castle in Kos is part of the grand fortifications built by the Templar Knights of Saint John circa the end of the 14th century, when it was imperative to guard the crusaders’ route to the Holy Land. The Neratzia Castle owes its name to the Seville Orange trees – neratzia – that were planted all over Kos Island by the Knights, an affectionate sobriquet that stuck to this day. Nowadays, the Castle is among the highlights of the island’s medieval history and a popular sightseeing spot.
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Dominating the port of Kos, the Castle of Neratzia in Kos is a medieval fortress comprised by two courtyards that served as fortification enclosures, with four circular towers at their corners, bastions, canopies and artillery sheds. The castle was originally built on a small island that is now entirely connected to the land, and remains of the bridge that served as its entrance can be seen at Finikon street. A lot of architectural elements such as columns, pediments, bases and inscription tablets were taken from the ruins of the ancient town of Kos, the Asklipeion and even a basilica located in the port of Kos and were added to the castle, together with Knight’s coats of arms; most of these are held in place up until today, and you can admire them when visiting the inner courtyard of Neratzia Castle.

During the times of the Ottoman occupation the fortress was used as barracks, whereas the Italian occupants put great effort in restoring the castle to its original state, removing all external additions. The castle was later declared a national monument and it can be visited as part of the ample archaeological sites of the town of Kos. On occasion, outdoor art exhibitions museum events are held on its grounds.

You can visit the Castle of Neratzia for a stroll into history, a charming relic of the island’s glorious past, whereas the view to the sea and the sunset from its bastions is a truly memorable experience.

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