The Genuine Greek Tastes that you have to Enjoy

The Greek cuisine, known around the world for its mouthwatering tastes, has so many dishes that amaze everybody who tries them, both with the pure simplicity of their ingredients and with their amazing taste. Based on the principals of the Mediterranean diet that calls for the consumption of fish and seafood, greens and vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and red wine, the genuine Greek tastes are something that you simply have to enjoy!

Perhaps the most recognized dish of the Greek cuisine is the traditional Greek salad; the match of ripe, juicy tomatoes with refreshing cucumbers, fiery onions, the heartiness of feta cheese and the wholesome richness of olive oil is a match made in heaven. You will come across many variations, but we are sure the Diamond Deluxe Hotel version with capers and extra virgin olive oil from our private olive grove will enthrall you!
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Another essential part of Greece’s gastronomy are the pies; crispy fyllo pastry, fresh herbs, the almighty feta and of course, olive oil make for a delicacy beyond all pretense! Enjoy it for breakfast, as a revitalizing snack or a delicious appetizer, or go beyond the norms and sprinkle some honey over it for the most exquisite sweet treat! The Greek pies are perfect every hour of the day!

Then, the casseroles are a league of their own! From your well acclaimed mousakas and pastitsio to vegetarian dishes that praise the fresh vegetables of the summer, there is no end to the imaginative Greek Tastes! And when it is all over, make sure to leave some room for a delicious dessert; a crunchy baκlava or a flavorsome creamy treat are the perfect conclusion to a gastronomic adventure in the genuine tastes of Greece!

All the Greek tastes that you simply have to enjoy await you to try them at the exquisite restaurants of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort; taste them all and pick your favourite!