A Glimpse into History – the Most Significant Historical Sites of Kos

The island of Kos is one of the privileged locations of the Mediterranean that were blessed with a rich past, a constant presence of culture and civilizations on its grounds. That immediately reflects on the colourful culture of the island, shaped by the passing of various ethnicities who left behind a small piece of heritage, a brick on the wall so to say. The remains of the past are today’s wonders and Kos has many such wonders to offer; sites from most historical periods, starting from the prehistoric era and slowly making their way to today, these are the most significant historical sites of Kos Island.
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  • The Asklipeion – a sanctuary offering the best medical care antiquity had to offer. At the hands of none other than Hippocrates himself and his students, patients of the ancient times came here for relief from their ailments. Today, the Asklipeion is a marvelous example of ancient architecture, a spot with breathtaking views to Kos town and the sea but most of all, it is the birthplace of modern medicine!
  • The Castle of Neratzia – a medieval remnant that takes you back to the times of Templar Knights and mighty wars. Right in the centre of Kos’ port you will feel as if you are surrounded by raiders and corsairs, and the imposing views are certainly rewarding.
  • The platan tree of Hippocrates – tucked away behind the entrance of the castle of Neratzia, hidden in a tranquil park, the tree of Hippocrates is a living piece of history. One of the oldest trees in the world, fabled to be old enough for Hippocrates to have sat in its shade teaching his pupils, it is worth visiting for a refreshing stop under a shade like you’ve never seen before!
  • The Venetian and Ottoman buildings of the town’s centre. From the imposing Italian buildings to the more exotic Ottoman structures, you can pass through every stage of Kos’ history just by strolling around town.

Kos is beautiful; even more so with all the historical remains that embellish it’s every corner and offer you a precious gift, a nostalgic glimpse into history. To admire the most significant historical sites of Kos book now your stay at