The Assumption of the Virgin Mary – The Summer’s Religious Highlights

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The Greek summer is full of religious festivities, celebrated with fervor in towns, villages and remote chapels across the region. The famous “panigiria”, as these festivities are known, are comprised by a number of interesting elements; culinary traditions, customs and traditional music and dancing fuse into a feast that everyone eagerly looks forward to.

The most significant celebration is the summer is undoubtedly the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which is celebrated on August 15th in numerous churches around the country. The festivities start at least a couple of days beforehand, and sometimes as early as the first days of August. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary is the commemoration of the day of her passing, so a funerary procession is held for the church’s icon depicting the Mother Mary.

In Kos Island, the celebration for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is the religious highlight of the summer, a feast for all the senses. The church that hosts the grandest festivities is the one of Panagia at Kefalos, whereas the one in Antimacheia is also quite interesting as it attracts large numbers of visitors.

During the festivities, you will have the chance to savour unique local delicacies such as the “Katines”, small pockets of dough filled with onions, eggs and red cheese that are made just for the day, or traditional pastries and barbecued meats. In the vicinity of the church, music and dance parties pop up and as the evening proceeds, the area around the church has turned into a large banquet where all are welcomed and participate in the exhilaration.

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