We love cocktails at the Diamond Deluxe Hotel!

Nothing says summer more than a refreshing cocktail to cool you down from the long sunny days of Greece, and in the Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort we love our cocktails! Our expert mixologists have the perfect concoction to chill your spirit in the warm summer days and to create an unforgettable experience of relaxed socializing just for you!

The setting is simply perfect; an elegant space doused in gold and white, spritzed with artistic details that so reflect the stylish extravagance of the Kos Diamond Deluxe. The ambiance is the epitome of a luxurious summer holiday; lavish and refreshing, the perfect combo for elegant yet relaxing evenings. And the drinks are the highlight of your experience! Pick your favourite taste and try mouthwatering aperitifs such as the Aperol Spritz (Aperol, sparkling white wine and club soda), a classic Martini or a lip smacking Tequila cocktail such as the all-mighty Tequila Sunrise or a Paloma (Tequila, Grepefruit and Club soda).
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Continue your evening adventures by exploring new tastes; how about a Peach Bellini (Prosecco, fresh peach purée), a lush Summer Solstice (Remy Martin, fresh lemon juice, strawberry syrup and sparkling white wine) or a Femme Fatale (Belvedere Vodka, Lillet Blanc, grapefruit juice, syrup and Club soda), delightful modern tastes and twists on the classic cocktails.

You can indulge in an authentic holiday experience in the bars of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort, the resplendent Marquise Lobby Bar or the sublime Radiant Pool Bar, for amazing evenings together with the spirits you love! Just pick where you would like to be, indoors, immersed in the lavishness of the Marquise or outdoors, by the pool and the gardens, enjoying the sea breeze and the comfort of an exquisite Resort. And when you are feeling indecisive on what cocktail to order next, then just ask for the summer’s favourite; you can’t go wrong with a Daiquiri! Visit to see why we are in love with cocktails at the Diamond Deluxe Hotel.