Autumn in Kos, the Most Romantic Season

As we slowly bid our farewells to the summer and all its magnificence, we welcome the most romantic season, autumn. What comes to mind when you first think of autumn is the gloomy, dreary days when the first rain seems to wash all the summer joy away; but autumns in Kos Island are so different, you need to see for yourself!

The temperate Mediterranean climate of Kos extends the warm sunny days until well into September, and in many occasions October, with just a slight drop in temperature that only makes for cooler evenings perfect for romantic strolls on the beach or the beautiful promenade. The sea breeze is as refreshing as ever, whereas the dreary clouds, if and when they appear only make for more dramatic sunsets with the last persistent rays of the sun refusing to give way to autumnal glory!
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The sheer romance that enshrouds the island of Kos in autumn is the reason why so many couples choose this time for their dreamy island wedding; the evocative atmosphere of autumn, together with the excellent weather conditions allow for a ceremony that exceeds all your dreams and expectations.

The exquisite Diamond Deluxe Resort on the beach of Lambi is a five star retreat where romance, luxury and indulgence find their ideal rendition. In this resplendent Boutique Hotel you will find the absolutely stunning venue for the autumn wedding ceremony and wedding reception of your dreams, a romantic getaway in glamour and comfort or even the setting for a carefree escape from the inevitable upcoming winter blues!

Join us this autumn at the sublime Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel and experience the island of Kos at its absolute best, and leave all else behind! Let us organize your fairytale wedding, let us pamper you with our impeccable services, let us introduce you to the flavours of autumn in Kos, the most romantic season!

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