Prepare For Summer 2018- It’s Never Too Early For Holidays!

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It might be a bit late for a summer holiday this year, but it’s never too early to prepare for summer 2018; it’s never too early for holidays in the Greek Islands! Are you ready for next year’s holiday? Start preparing now!

It all starts with the perfect destination. Among the numerous islands of the Aegean Sea there are some that stand out for their beauty and charms, as well as the exceptional holiday accommodation establishments available. Kos Island, in the Dodecanese region on the southeastern end of the Aegean is a favorite destination amongst travelers who seek a summery experience with zing, a wholesome journey into the Mediterranean culture, the “sea-and-sun” package and of course, impeccable facilities and services. In Kos one finds an endless coastline of fine blonde sand, a florid heritage that reaches as far back as the prehistoric era, intriguing Ancient Greek, Roman and medieval sites and a cosmopolitan vibe that combines the allurement of the Greek isles with modern amenities.

The epitome of modern, luxurious accommodation in Kos is the exclusive five-star boutique hotel Diamond Deluxe, an exemplary establishment on the beach of Lambi, next to the town of Kos. This adult-only Resort is a haven of indulgence for modern day travelers who want to have it all; lavish accommodation, convenience and stylish comfort, superb dining facilities and a resplendent Spa that truly stands out not only in Kos but throughout the country. The Diamond Deluxe Resort also features a state-of-the-art conference center and integral wedding facilities and services for those who chose Kos Island to celebrate the happiest moments of their life.

Is that enough to get you excited for summer 2018? It’s never too early to start planning your holidays, so start with the Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort and daydream away! Visit for more!