Last Chance For an Amazing Kos Diamond Deluxe Holiday

The lucky few that have been to Greece for an October holiday already know what a delight the Greek autumns are; those who are coming for the first time are in for a real treat! The weather hardly reminds us that summer is gone, with warm, sunny days and refreshingly cool afternoons, whereas most of the commotion from the large tourist crowds is gone! This is your last chance to let yourself in on the little secret that is an autumn holiday in Kos Island, grab it and gift your loved ones with the most fabulous present, an amazing autumn Kos Diamond Deluxe Holiday!

Don’t get us wrong; it’s not just about the weather. Kos Island is an enchanting destination with a rich history, a vibrant culture, intriguing sites and immaculate accommodation establishments, such as the outstanding Diamond Deluxe Resort, where immaculate facilities welcome you to a world of lavishness, comfort and indulgence. Join us these last days of the season for an exquisite experience in wellness, in our state-of-the-art Mazarin Spa, in fine dining in our acclaimed restaurants such as the Peruzzi, and of course, in unsurpassable accommodation.
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Now is the perfect time for intimate, romantic moments with limited distractions on an island where the line between the past and the present is hazy. Now is the perfect time to truly experience the authentic character of Kos; and now is the time for new beginnings, laying down plans and preparing for what lies ahead! That is one of the main reasons why those planning a wedding or a business conference in the forthcoming year visit us, to have an undisturbed look at the environment of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort and its facilities so as to better plan their upcoming event.

Take advantage of the last chance to enjoy an amazing Kos Diamond Deluxe holiday and experience the beauty, the stylish comfort and the wonder that is Kos Island in autumn!