Thank You for a Wonderful Summer 2017! Looking Forward to Next Year!

As this year’s long and beautiful summer comes to an end, we the people of the exquisite Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort would like to extend our thanks and best regards to all of you who made the 2017 summer all the more special! We leave this summer behind with the finest memories; memories made by you at Kos Island’s most lavish accommodation proposal.
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Thank you for choosing the Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort not just for your summer holidays, but also for your special occasions. Thank you for choosing to share with us all the special and happy moments of your life, idyllic beach weddings or romantic ceremonies at our quaint seaside chapel, joyous christenings and flawless receptions at our exquisite restaurants. Thank you for choosing our Trillion Conference Center and our expertise to execute meetings that were the talk of the business world! It was a joy to have you and your guests, and a pleasure to know that every single one of your events hosted on our grounds was an undisputed success!

We would also like to conclude the 2017 summer with a promise; following up on our commitment to offer impeccable services alongside exquisite accommodation, dining and wellness proposals, we promise that next summer will be full of successes, of amazing memories and endless hours of beauty, relaxation and luxury by the beach of Lambi and the sublime Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort. Next summer will be full of surprises and new experiences waiting for you to share them in our opulent facilities, and we are certain that you will love the next summer just as much – and even more than summer 2017. So start planning your next year’s holiday or event in Kos Island and the Diamond Deluxe Boutique Hotel and prepare for an exciting summer yet to come! We can’t wait…can you?