Traditional Products to Look for When Shopping in Kos

Perusing the streets of Kos, particularly in the town centre but in many of its villages as well, you will come across small, traditional shops selling all kinds of local delicacies that may not catch your eye at first. But in their shelves lie some pretty delicious treats that you ought to try if you wish to explore every treasure this island has to offer. So, when you happen to find such a shop, keep a look out for these traditional products of Kos:
  • The unique syrupy sweets of Kos made with vegetables, especially tomatoes and eggplants. Known as “spoon sweets”, because you are usually served a spoonful, these delicious desserts are famous all around Greece, but Kos is known for their amazing taste.
  • Possa is a traditional goat’s cheese preserved in red wine, which gives it a dark hue and a mouth-watering taste. This cheese is not mass produced, so if you find this rare delicacy don’t miss out on the chance to taste it!
  • Thyme honey from the forests of Kos is insurpassable; light, golden and heavenly flavored by the wildflowers of the hinterland, this honey is on its own reason enough to visit Kos Island.
  • Handmade trachanas is another homemade staple of Kos. Similar to couscous, trachanas is made with fresh eggs and wheat flour, dried to a grain-like shape. It is a perfect and nutritious addition in soups and heart-warming broths, and a loved substitute to rice in scrumptious risottos.
  • Especially when in the villages of Kos, you might be offered some kanelada, as a refreshing treat to cool you down in the summer heat; don’t hesitate, taste it! It is simply delicious, a cinnamon brew that quenches your thirst and delights the palate!
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