Kos Island: The Promised Land of Health & Wellness Travelers

Travelers worldwide, regardless of their background and lifestyle, seek the experience of change through their travels, expecting to return home renewed and full of ‘worldliness’. We are all attracted to new experiences when traveling, whether recreational, educational, cultural, or gastronomical. Of course, the experience of mental, emotional, and psychical rediscovery, as well as wellbeing, is also in our getaway plans. Holidays, if anything, are all about restoring and expanding one’s energy and spirit, thus traveling today has become more personalized than it ever was.

That’s where Kos enters the picture; an island deeply connected with the healing arts form antiquity, Kos is destined to be a sanctuary for the modern traveler, in every respect. Its pristine nature, both in midland and sea, and its peaceful vibes combine harmoniously with its modern infrastructure, to offer the optimal approach to holistic therapy.
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In this regard, the Diamond Collection presents you with the Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab, a modern hub of health and beauty that offers a wide collection of services, implemented by seasoned professionals in the fields of dermatology and cosmetology. State-of-the-art equipment, lavish facilities, and innovative services performed by its dedicated doctors make Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab an upscale, modern version of the ancient Asclepeion temple with its healer-priests. Take the chance and give in, body, mind, and soul in an authentically holistic holiday experience!