A Walk at the Roman Odeon & the Roman House

Less than a ten-minute drive from your Diamond accommodation, you will find an ancient theater that was built during the Roman occupation, the Roman Odeon, dating back to the 2nd or 3rd century AD. The odeon once served as a venue for musical and theatrical performances and could seat up to 750 people.
Notably, the first nine rows of the amphitheatrical structure were made from marble, and were designated for the royalty and members of the upper echelon of society.

The VIP rows stand in excellent condition today, whereas the rest rows that were made from granite, intended for the lower classes, are worn-out. The Roman Odeon has a free entrance and is open every day; a splendid site to visit if you are a history enthusiast.
row 2
You can combine your tour to the Roman Odeon with a visit at the ruins of the Roman House, also known as Casa Romana, that lies within a short walk from the theater. The Casa Romana is another impressive sight from the Roman times.
The remains of the once glorious aristocratic house offer a fantastic insight into the architectural style that was popular on the island during that era. Strolling around, you will discover the remains of its rooms, floor mosaics, columns of the Ionic order, elaborate arches, atriums with small fountains, and frescoes.
It is a wonderful site to explore, along with the Roman Odeon, if you want to dig deeper into the island’s Roman heritage, and you will definitely be transported back in time!