Holidays in Kos made of Diamonds

Holidays in Kos made of Diamonds
Kos is an island where history blends perfectly with the modern world – a special place where you can step back in time, admiring ancient ruins, exploring timeworn windmills, imposing fortresses and, at the same time, indulging in all the comforts and luxuries that five-star holiday facilities can offer you. Relaxation, lavishness, and upscale services to cater to your requirements are the cornerstones of the ideal retreat, and the larger-than-life Diamond Deluxe Hotel offers you the whole deal!

A fusion of prodigal baroque and modern aesthetics, interlacing with a peaceful ambiance and profuse VIP treatments, make up the magical blend that inspired the Diamond Deluxe Hotel. Starting from the essentials, in the hotel’s glamorous rooms and suites, you will have many superb, private accommodation options to choose from, all of them oozing comfort, topped by opulent amenities, like indoor hot-tubs, elegant marble bathrooms, and beautiful private gardens with outdoor pools.

Indulge in a unique wellness experience by embracing our philosophy of integrated balance and well being, complementing your lavish stay with the ultimate pampering at the Mazarin Health Club and Spa. The most rejuvenating beauty therapies and holistic treatments in the hands of experienced professionals will jazz up your body, mind, and soul, and the Spa facilities will allow you to unwind, awakening your senses in the most transcendental scenery.

After your journey to wellness, it is time for you to embark on a journey to the flavors of the Mediterranean, with a few creative twists. Explore the gastronomic surprises at the Diamond Deluxe and Diamond Boutique Hotels’ fine dining restaurants, while sipping on a glass of good wine by the pool with the shimmering sea and the mesmerizing sunset colors as the backdrop.

Superb facilities surrounded by beautifully kept gardens, unparalleled services, a stunning beachfront right at your feet and awe-inspiring views to the azure Aegean Archipelago, conspire to bring you peace and calm in a realm of utter opulence. At Diamond Deluxe Hotel you will find your escape, your private haven, where you can truly be yourself and rejoice at the most affluent environment. Welcome to your holidays made of diamonds!