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Cycle around Kos!

Kos is renowned as the Bicycle Island. The flat terrain of the island makes the bike an easy means of transportation for the many routes that the visitor can enjoy. The bike is not only suitable for traveling, but also for sports and entertainment.
The bicycle path of Kos starts from Faros beach and extends to the end of the beach at Psalidi, a distance of about 13 km. With many side roads, some of which lead into the city of Kos, one can go wherever they wish, just by having a bike. Many locals prefer this means of transportation to go to work, the beach, the cafeteria or just a ride in the beautiful town.​
Extensive routes beyond the town centre, will take you through mountains and dirt road, overlooking the nature on one side and the panoramic view of the island of Kos on the other. There are many paved roads, with limited traffic that will lead you to the villages and beaches beyond the town centre, such as Tigaki and Marmari.
On the island one can find many bike rental shops, with bikes for all tastes and ages. Ranging from road bikes to mountain bikes up to tandem bikes (for two riders). Don’t forget to ask for the necessary safety equipment, such as helmets and gloves.
The islanders are familiar with bicycle riders, but it always necessary to pay attention to driving, signaling and traffic lights. Cyclists should comply with the all traffic signs and keep the necessary distance from all vehicles.
Diamond Deluxe, in cooperation with certified associates, provides all kinds of bicycles (at extra cost) so that you get familiar with the island’s magic by paddling! 


From Asclepion where Hippocrates was practicing his medicine to Therme (Hot Springs) on the east coast of Kos, or Zia where you can enjoy a most romantic sunset, routes are endless and exciting.
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