Delve in Kos Easter authenticity

On Kos island, the most prolific religious celebration is Easter. Ancient traditions and customs come alive in this time of year, while the celebratory delicacies accompany this unique period for the Orthodox Christians. Being a part of this pilgrimage will be the most rewarding experience during your trip in Kos island. Easter isn’t only for those who espouse the Christian faith; it offers a deep insight into culture enthusiasts, thus rendering it a valuable cultural event.

Like in the rest of Greece, the same goes for Kos, namely people fast from pilgrimage Ash Monday until they return home with the Holy Light in a total food restriction of forty days to stand by Jesus Christ passions and enter a state of self-cleansing. Churches’ bells chime in the evening of Holy Friday. As you stroll up down the streets, you ‘ll notice that something is going to happen. People gather with candles (lampades) to attend the service that takes place in the central square. There they are preparing for the night of Resurrection. A transcendental experience nests in people’s hearts.

Then is Holy Sunday, the day when all Easter customs and celebrations reach a climax. Apart from the religious aspects of this special day, Holy Sunday is a family bonding experience where people gather around a big table to eat the traditional delicacies, drink and have a great time. Some of the food that is exclusively prepared for this occasion include baked lamb stuffed with rice and herbs, Easter eggs (died in red), tsoureki and labropites.

An authentic experience awaits visitors on Kos island during Easter, don’t miss it out.