Pserimos, the stress-free island

The island of Pserimos is a stupendous island that lies near Kos. Pserimos is the ideal destination for those who seek tranquility and a peaceful ambiance. Many boats take you there, on a one-day trip, away from the bustle and hustle of the busy Aegean islands. The landscape offers a mesmerizing setting with intriguing hiking routes, overlooking the sparkling waters. Make a stop and take the best selfie ever!

The capital of the island is quite small; approximately only 120 locals inhabit Pserimos making for a haven of utmost relaxation. Avlakia (the capital) is situated on the southwest side of the island. The beachfront is dotted with tavernas and cafes to relax and enjoy the inspiring environs.
One thing that you ‘ll definitely notice is that there aren’t any roads; only narrow cobbled alleys and traditional homes that adorn the capital. 

The island provides visitors with great hiking routes. Ask a local to tell you all about the path that includes the Church Panagia Grafiotisa. Pserimos is also home to those that adore swimming and snorkeling. The waters are crystal clear, displaying abstracted views to the ever-vibrant seabed. 

The beaches are unorganized, brimming with unspoiled beauty while the Vathy Bay invites the guests to enjoy its azure waters.