Explore Kos island at your own pace

Kos has something for everyone. From remarkable castles to the lively town and the fantastic beaches, here is a brief guide with the island's highlights. 

The beach of Agios Stefanos is located on the Kefalos Bay and you can swim beside the remain of two famous pale-Christian churches. Located on a promontory, forty kilometers away from the Town of Kos, the two edifices were built in the 5th- 6th century AD, providing stupendous views to the islet of Kastri. 

The celebration day of Saint George is celebrated with a fascinating horse race. After a parade, approximately twenty riders participate in the horse race that takes place in the village of Pyli. 

The Lyceum of Kardamena is an institution that upholds Greek traditions. Its members perform in local festivals, wearing traditional customs. Seeing them dance provides a glimpse into local cultural heritage. 

Built by the Knights of St. John, the imposing Antimachia Castle is a must-see sight during your visit to Kos island. The castle was protecting the island, offering a safe haven from Turkish raids.

While in Kos Town, you can explore its intriguing charm with a bicycle. Locals use bicycles to go to their work but you don’t have to buy one. Many rental shops are providing a wide range of bicycles, not only for rides in the town but also to hillsides and mountains. 

Kos offers an astonishing amount of activities and sights to discover its beauty at your own pace. 
Explore Kos island at your own pace