A feast for the senses at our restaurants

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Our Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Kos offers quite an epicurean experience to all foodies that visit our splendid premises.  Two fine restaurants caters to the most discerning palates. Except for the unique tastes, at our hotel, you ‘ll find yourself surrounded by a charming setting. The beauty of the Aegean, the stunning view of the continent that stretches to the other side of the open sea, and our immaculate pool area provide the ideal setting to indulge in our delicious extravaganza of gourmet dishes. 

The Peruzzi Restaurant serves fresh produced fish and other signature dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine. Drawing also from the international trends, a creative fusion unfolds before your eyes. 
To experience authentic tastes, the food is prepared in the wood-fired oven in an open, welcoming space. 

With spectacular views over the pool and gardens, visitors at Emerald Restaurants immerse in a unique world of flavors and tastes. Fuel up your day with brewed coffee, squeezed orange juice and an astonishing array of sweet and savory delights. In the evening the restaurant reopens to pamper its guests under the star-filled sky. Don’t miss out our live show cooking!

Unwind in an unforgettable culinary experience at our restaurants. Inspired environs, rich textures and intoxicating aromas blend in a world of savory exquisiteness.