Wine Making: An Art Surviving for Decades in Kos

Greece is world famous for wine making. In fact, there is evidence that wine has been produced for thousands of years in the country. Depending on the soil, there are sevral wine varieties cultivated all around Greece. Some parts of the country are blessed to produce delicious, fruity and fragrant grapes and have therefore developed rich history in viticulture. Kos is one such place, with impressive heritage in wine making. 

So when visiting the island, you should not miss out on getting to know more. Indulge in a wine tasting experience and find out about the local varieties cultivated on the island. And what is more, have a taste of the different wine varieties and discover your personal favorite! This is a journey to the senses, traveling you to the past where everything was pure and authentic. The land here is fertile and the local produce is absolutely heart-warming! 

Wine tasting includes not only the experience of pairing food with local wine varieties. If you want, you can schedule a tour at the vineyards and even check the barrels as the wine ages. It is a unique experience, for sure. As you will come to realize, it takes time and a whole lot of care to create such delicious nectar. 

Boasting international awards and having been acclaimed as a wine making destination of the finest quality standards, Kos could aims at fascinating you in each sip. And for the perfect suggestions as to wine pairing, select among the restaurants and bars operating by Diamond Collection Hotels. You will be thrilled to have a taste of freshness in a lovely environment. 
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