Experience A Diamond Stay

Experience A Diamond Stay
In Diamond Hotel, having a unique stay experience is our top priority. Thus we offer you lavish, high-end amenities, locally sourced food, our distinctive wellness services, a selection of the most stylish clothes and jewelers to stand out and modernly equipped rooms, wrapped in luxury. We are also proud of Diamond Deluxe Hotel being recognized by Trip Advisor as a Platinum Green Leader, supporting green policies, that ensure the perfectly eco-friendly function of the hotel. 

We Take Good Care of Your Sleep
We know well how a good sleep makes a difference, especially when you are on vacation. Thus we are meticulously seeking ways to elevate your overall sleeping experience. We have equipped our beds with 100% natural fibre mattresses by COCO-MAT. And because sleep is a personal thing, we offer you a selection of 4 pillows to choose from. Find the one that perfectly fits your body type and sleeping patterns! 

Shopping Time
Is there a better time to elevate your style than your summer vacation? Indulge in the world of fashion, wearing distinct, elegant creations of renowned Greek designers such as Katerina Ioannidis, Kallos and others. The boutique of Diamond Deluxe Hotel showcases a selection of elegant jewellery, whimsical beachwear and modern accessories, to accompany your strolls in palm promenades of Kos. Skin and sun care products are there to caress your body as well as plenty of gifts to choose for your beloved ones.
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Wine Lovers Alert
For all wine aficionados and those who fancy a good wine to complement their meal at our restaurant, we recommend you wines from Ko’s two wineries, the only that are open to the public. There are also 80 brands waiting to be uncorked, including prestigious labels from Greece, France, Italy and South Africa. 

Think Green
Dedicated in supporting sustainable habits and higher ecological awareness, Diamond Deluxe Hotel is recognized by Trip Advisor as a Platinum Green Leader. Our hotel function is in line with eco-conscious policies, regarding waste management, using exclusively eco-cleaning products, the minimizing of excessive water and sufficient energy use by both guests and personnel. 

Cooking Local Style
Holidays in Kos means tasting amazing food, completely organic, sourced from local, chemical-free farms. We prepare for you the most mouthwatering breakfast with our in-house made jams and marmalades from seasonal fruits. Always on the lookout for the perfect meat (pork, goat, lamp, beef), our Executive chef sets the bar really high when it comes to fresh, quality food. The hand-picked fish comes fresh, from the local fish market of the Kos Harbour. 

Wellness Retreat
Island of Kos boast of a very rich healing tradition. The birthplace of Hippocrates, showcases its ancient medicine roots stemming from island’s therapeutic herbs. The thermal springs in the Mazarin Spa Diamond Deluxe Hotel offer a totally rejuvenating experience, with personalized treatments and therapies.

We are creating moments that withstand time providing the perfect stay at Diamond Hotel.