Go South, Discover the Magic of the Aegean

Immense blue, as far as your eyes can see...This is the epitome of Aegean magic, one of the reasons why millions of travelers flock the Greek islands every year. They have fallen in love with that unique color of blue from pictures or documentaries and wish to be part of its beauty. And once they come close enough, they discover what so many explorers from antiquity have discovered. The Aegean Sea is the ultimate destination of each voyager, in pursuit of his dream land.
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The island of Kos stands proud as a jewel, scattered around the cobalt blue of the Southern Aegean. Its embroidered coastline, inviting you for a swim in its refreshing waters. And the sea bed, holding its secrets to those who are brave enough to dive deep and discover the most precious treasures. Watching the horizon far away from the protected coves is an experience on its own. The sunset, just before the sun melts in the sea, offers amazing colors all around. Red and purple, pink and red, yellow and golden, a unique blend that never ceases to amaze. Pure magic, equally bedazzling to the full moon mirrored on the water. A shimmering oasis, with its effervescent light shining among the stars, guiding those who are lost and those who wish to be found.
Explore the enchantment of the Aegean, going south. Kos is embraced by the liquid bliss and turquoise glow of the sea. Sail away to searches, discover the beauty of the Aegean and experience the absolute immersion to the dream...