A Holistic Experience in Kos

Finding the perfect balance between your body and soul, this is the quintessence of living! In Kos, you are most welcome to delve in a holistic experience you will treasure for a lifetime. Dive in the crystalline waters of the Aegean Sea or lay back at the comfy sun loungers, listening to lounge music and dipping your feet in the cool refreshing pools of Diamond Deluxe or Diamond Boutique Hotel.

Watch the sun going up at sunrise or heading to sleep at sunset, over a glass of chilled champagne or a fruity cocktail. Taste Mediterranean cuisine, with genuine flavors bursting in your mouth. And stay in modern and spacious lodgings, which inspire and relax guests. A flair of personalized services makes your stay even more pleasurable.
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But more than that, appreciate life in its very simplest form. A soothing massage session, aromatherapy or a beauty treatment suitable for your skin type. Long leisurely days spent at the Spa or strolling around, taking in the salty breeze and nature's generous bliss. Yoga or Pilates, with the guidance of seasoned professionals in the most thrilling environment. Awakening your senses and stimulating your every sensation, feeling each breath matter.

At Diamond Collection Hotels, we aim at making your vacations in Kos truly memorable. And a holistic experience is the best way to achieve that. Rather than focusing on just the enjoyment deriving from luxurious accommodation or impeccable service, we take it to the next level and offer the whole package. An integrated experience nourishing the body and the soul alike.