Seize the Day: All Aboard!

Endless blue dreams unfolded before your eyes, as the Aegean gently embraces the island of Kos. It is a magical spectacle, filling your heart with pure bliss and allowing you to be part of the sea yourself. Shades of blue spread in the sky and all around, playing with light and darkness. There is nothing more inspiring than the absolute vastness of the sea...And to experience it in its full glory, a day out at sea is the perfect thing to do! 
There are cruises departing from Kos port, taking you to the islands nearby. You are free to indulge in island hopping or simply discover the embroidered coastline of Kos, Symi and a lot more destinations. Swim in the crystalline waters and dive right from the sailing boat to their crispness. Explore the rich seabed while snorkeling or scuba diving, or just lie on deck and bask under the sun. And at sunset, prepare yourself for a unique experience that will sweep you off your feet. A chromatic mixture matching no other is unveiled before your eyes and the wonder is everywhere. Enjoy a candlelight dinner or a glass of chilled champagne and you will be thrilled!  
These are the moments that stay with you forever. Sailing the Aegean, departing from Kos island and returning to its safe harbor is the recipe for a memorable experience, paying tribute to the Gree seas!
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