Honeymoon in Kos: Live the Fairytale!

Celebrating love through a wonderful journey together as a couple is the way all weddings should be! Just the perfect way to start walking on your common path, filled with hope and dreams. Sharing your vision of the world and rejoicing in those marvelous feelings, away from it all. Concentrating solely on what matters...Honeymoon made out of dream material, honeymoon on a Greek island. Those are your precious moments in Kos! 
If you are looking for a place to organize your wedding and even exceed your initial expectations of the ceremony and the party afterwards, Kos should rank first on your list! And after everything has been settled, after all the guests have safely returned home to narrate this magical experience to others, you will be free to enjoy the wonder at its best! You will be free to relish your honeymoon in Kos, relaxing and shaping memories of a lifetime.
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Selecting Diamond Collection Hotels as your retreat on the island certainly has its perks. Besides the fabulous landscapes and the mesmerizing Aegean Sea, here you will be spoiled beyond compare. Soothing massage treatments and Spa rituals at the Mazarin Health SPA, candlelight dinners with a stunning view and bewitching flavors of Mediterranean cuisine and champagne, excursions and exclusive services just for two. What more could you ask for in your honeymoon? 
Benefit from our special offers for honeymooners, so as to make the most of your visit to Kos. Your dream awaits!