Kos Traditions in Gastronomy

If you are keen on finding out more about gastronomic wonders taking part in Kos ever since the old days, then there is a wealth of information out there. Exquisite flavors, rick in texture and aromas, offer you splendid experiences and surprise your palate wonderfully. On the island of Kos, there is much to see and do. And there is equally much to taste and enjoy gastronomically!
Besides the famous kanelada, which is a refreshing drink made of cinnamon, you will find a lot of distinctive flavors on the island. First of all, there is posa cheese. This is a special wine cheese, which gives a unique aftertaste and is found in various traditional recipes. And it is red in color! Moving forward, we could not leave out a sweet from Kos. Tomato spoon sweet is definitely a recipe worth trying out!
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For pasta lovers, pittaridia are handmade and resemble lasagna. They are most usually cooked in beef broth and they have an amazingly intense flavor. Katimeria are not only found in Kos, but also in a lot more Greek islands and of course Cyprus. They are sweet cheese pies, deep fried and absolutely delicious. 
As you know, Kos boasts a long lasting culinary history in parallel lines with Greek cuisine. So the fundamental elements of Greek and thus Mediterranean diet are incorporated within the distinctive gastronomic history of Kos island. Extra virgin olive oil, feta cheese, splendid dishes made of vegetables and desserts made of seasonal fruits, dairy and whole wheat grains, these are all parts of everyday life and compose the ideal way to eat and enjoy living!