Live a Unique Experience in Absolute Luxury & Comfort

Vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing. Living in absolute pampering during your trip to an idyllic destination sounds amazing. And it is! Enjoying a plethora of high-end services and modern facilities tops the whole experience. In Kos, the most luxurious environment and the most thrilling backdrop for your vacations in none other than Diamond Collection Hotels. If you have been searching for a diamond place to stay, there you have it!

Lavish Spa facilities allow you to relax and stimulate your senses. Awaken your sensations and discover your inner balance, through a carefully picked package of therapies and beauty treatments. Your body gets rejuvenated, while you feel lighter than ever before and enjoy the transcendental scenery. And apart from that, the luxurious swimming pools both outdoors and indoors inspire you to dive right in. The powerful element of water in perfect alignment with the wonderful surroundings, in sheer nature’s bliss!

Fine dining and sipping on fruity, tasteful cocktails by the pool, overlooking the Aegean and the mesmerizing sunset far away, certainly seems exciting. At Diamond Deluxe Hotel and Diamond Boutique Hotel, dining and wining take on a whole new meaning and the outcome is purely dazzling. Have a taste of the Mediterranean with creative twists, in an ethereal setting cherished forever. 
Special moments of luxury and comfort on the island of Kos, in a modern environment with friendly and upscale services. Exactly what you need to relax, recharge your batteries and enjoy your vacations in Greece!
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