The Kos Island Mazarin Luxury Health Club in this Spa Hotel features five indoor treatment rooms, including one special chromo therapy room, each offering the ultimate in pampering and luxury.

Guests and visitors can indulge in innovative, exquisite spa treatments and rituals, sourced from all over the world by our highly trained, devoted therapists.

The products used speak for themselves, and are a key element in the successful results of the Spa’s personalized professional treatments. Using pure and active natural ingredients, derived and extracted from natural botanical sources, all our therapies are highly effective. In keeping with the Spa’s holistic philosophy, treatments focus not only on aesthetic improvement, but in achieving balance of the body, mind and spirit.

Featuring five luxurious, state-of-the-art treatment rooms, including a mood altering chromo therapy room, the Mazarin Spa’s primary focus, is to restore balance and harmony. Opulent facilities include a beautiful relaxation area, an authentic hamam, Rasul treatments and Vichy showers, as well as soothing saunas in each of the women and men changing rooms.

Manicure, pedicure and hairdressing services give a finishing touch to external beauty and a sense of total wellbeing.
The fully equipped fitness area ensures guests keep healthy and fit whilst on holiday.

An ethereal wide glass staircase descends into a world where glass artfully meets light. Turquoise waters glisten beneath an opulent chandelier, merging seamlessly with the outdoor pool complex outside.

In this world filled with clarity and light, powerful water jets along the sides of this spectacular heated pool provide invigorating hydro massage.

Grey slate tiling surrounds the pool, with comfortable sun loungers for rest and repose.

Offering an atmosphere of true rejuvenation, water aerobic sessions ensure fitness without unnecessary strains on the body.

Guests are welcome to indulge their sens
These Spa packages are designed to offer ultimate relaxation along with luxurious services
Wellness Facilities
Emanating the sheer magnificence of its natural surroundings, the Mazarin Luxury Health Club at the Diamond Deluxe Hotel provides personalized care and pampering in all of its Spa treatments.

With its pools that reflect the crystal clear Aegean Sea, a wholesome approach to health and beauty, and magnificent natural surrounding greenery, this is a sanctuary of world class refinement.

Located in Lambi, where the east and west winds merge, this center of rejuvenation and wellbeing epitomizes warm and gracious hospitality.

Encircled by nature, stylish facilities reflect minimal luxury with a baroque ambience designed to soothe and relax, and created using the highest quality materials.

Fully qualified therapists have a world of expertise, knowledge and professionalism, and are available to recommend and tailor therapies to guests’ individual needs.


A specially designed pool with power water jets for a rejuvenating full body hydro massage

A fully equipped fitness centre with Technogym technology

Relaxing Spa facilities include, Steam room, Sauna, Rasoul and wellness relaxing couches

Comprehensive menu of massages, facial and body treatments for men and women

Please note that these services are not included in membership Packages

A highly acclaimed hair salon working with elite products
Wellness Menus

The famous phrase “we are what we eat” takes on a new dimension with the careful planning

of wellness menus available at the Diamond Deluxe Hotel.

Never giving up on taste or compromising presentation, healthy dishes filled with flavour without the sin of extra calories, provide a nutritional and well balanced diet.

Special menus have been carefully created, taking into consideration the optimal intake of vitamins and minerals the body requires on a daily basis.

Using only the highest quality local food and seasonal resources together with the avant-garde culinary team’s expertise, dishes have been created that will surprise and enthrall.
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