• We cook Local organic food

    All the fruit and vegetables used for your breakfast and meals come from local , completely organic and chemical free farms. Our jams and marmalades are made in-house with seasonal fruit and delicious, homely recipes. The meat (pork, goat, lamp, beef) is carefully selected by our Executive chef, with demanding standards of quality and freshness, […] Read More
  • Green policy

    Diamond Deluxe Hotel is recognized by Trip Advisor as a Platinum Green Leader as we follow a range of green policies that ensure the perfectly eco-friendly function of our hotel. We have implemented eco-conscious policies concerning waste management, sufficient energy use by both guests and personnel, the minimizing of excessive water use and we use […] Read More
  • In house Products

    It is time for shopping! The boutique of Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Kos carries an elegant selection of stylish clothes and accessories by esteemed Greek designers such as Katerina Ioannidis, Kallos and more. Find all day looks, smart ideas for beach wear, contemporary accessories and radiant jewellery for your nights out! You will also find […] Read More
  • In house brands

    In Diamond Hotel we take great care in even the slightest details! We wish to offer our guests a comfortable and relaxing sleeping experience; therefore, we have equipped our beds with 100% natural fibre mattresses by COCO-MAT, as well as a selection of 4 different types of pillows for you to choose the one that […] Read More
  • Local Wines

    The island of Kos has two wineries open to the public. The Diamond Hotel’s restaurant wine selection starts by proposing wines from these local wineries as well as some prestigious Greek labels and a hand-picked selection of distinguished wines from France, Italy and South Africa. Over 80 brands wait to be uncorked and sampled by […] Read More
  • Honeymoon

    A honeymoon in Kos is an overall romantic experience as the unique setting, the picturesque Town, the beaches, the sites of the extreme importance, the green mountains and the villages of Kos are suggesting the elements that will make your honeymoon in Kos unique after experiencing the wedding services and the superb honeymoon accommodation in […] Read More
  • VIP Treatment

    Are you ready to feel special? The experiences at Diamond Deluxe Hotel propose the VIP treatment experience for visitors seeking for more! The concierge services, the private dining option, the luxurious the beauty treatments and a range of services made just for you are designed to offer you an accommodation experience in Kos so unique! […] Read More
  • Wedding

    Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Kos offers anything you might need for a romantic honeymoon in Kos and much more! Starting from the alluring rooms and suites where special “touches” for your welcome will be arranged to the restaurant and the bars of Diamond Deluxe Hotel where you will enjoy the best of the creative Mediterranean […] Read More
  • Private Parties

    Events and parties are what the people of Diamond Deluxe Hotel love to organize and be a part of. The restaurant and the bars of Diamond Deluxe Hotel as well as some of the conference halls are at your disposal to host a party or an event for every reason that you have to celebrate. […] Read More
  • Wellness

    The island of Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine”. Feel the rich history of Kos and its ancient healing traditions merging with the beneficial effects of the island’s herbs and thermal springs in the Mazarin Spa of Diamond Deluxe Hotel. Feel the absolute rejuvenation as you let the soft hands of […] Read More